Saturday, May 27, 2006

Garden Grove's Strawberry Festival

Rebekah and I decided to go on a little adventure today so we headed to Laguna and had a late breakfast at The Cottage on PCH. It has a great view of the ocean and a diverse menu. It was perfect.

She was meeting another friend at 4 so we decided to venture North to Garden Grove and check out the annual Strawberry festival. I've heard about it for years but never made it until now.

I think I watch too much Food Network tv. When I think festival I think everything and anything related to the food, vegetable or fruit being celebrated. In this instance I thought there would be lots of strawberry foods, pageants, clothes, flavors, a mascot or two etc. Ummm.. not so much. Not even a contest to see who can grow the largest strawberry.

We had to hunt to find the strawberries at all. There were lots of rides, swap meet type booths and a deep fried burrito but not much strawberry type stuff. I couldn't even find strawberry ice cream. How sad is that? There was vanilla ice cream with strawberries, but no strawberry ice cream.

I guess its better than the Lemon festival we went to last year in Upland where the only booth sporting lemon anything was Albertson's grocery store with a lemon pie.

I'm beginning to think that towns in Southern California don't know how to throw a festival. Perhaps they don't know what festival means. They just need to call it a strawberry-flavored fair or something, but a festival it was not.