Friday, May 4, 2007

Angel Treat

Last night Jaime invited Jonathan, Tina and I to partake in her vendor's season tickets to the Angel's. They played the Chicago White Sox (and won 5-1).

So we got free tickets, preferred parking, and a free Angel's visor what's more festive than that - oh wait fireworks. That's right for every Friday home game the Angels treat fans to a firework extravaganza. It was great!!

I didn't even mind staying through the whole thing. Normally I like to show up in the 4th inning eat my way through the 7th and go home. Last night I didn't even get a hot dog, so sad.
It was still fun. I enjoyed the company, a night outdoors and the chance to scream my head off. To those on the outside it looked like I was an Angel fan on the inside I knew it was the release of a very long week.

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