Monday, September 10, 2007

Tall Ships Festival, Dana Point

Tall Ships
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I went to the Toshiba Tall Ships Festival in Dana Point. I don't know what I was expecting but this wasn't it. I think I was struck by my Southern California Festival curse.

There is very little parking in the Dana Point Harbor so you park in remote shuttle lots and are bused in. You're dropped off near the existing shops and restaurants in Dana Point so I wasn't sure where the festival started. Sure these shops had stuff on the sidewalk because of the festival, but it was just the usual wares.

So I kept walking and finally found some booths. There were about 30 ranging from information about marine life to paintings to face painters for kids. There were lots of kids and dogs.

It was nice to be down by the water but I was hoping to see the ships with sails up. I'll either have to time it better or just go back to San Diego.

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Anonymous said...

Tall ships can't keep their sails up unless they're underway. If you're planning on going again, I'd suggest going when the ships are arriving (there's a parade coming into dock) or watching the cannon battle either from one of the ships or from shore. In both instances the ships should be at full sail.