Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ode to Yogurtland

I have found my new heaven and it is almost healthy.

The other day I met a friend for froyo. Frozen yogurt is the new cupcake. There are a million different places to get it, seriously. There is Pinkberry, Golden Spoon, Cherry on Top and now my new mecca, Yogurtland. It is that good.

To be honest I was hooked when I found out the featured flavor is Red Velvet Cake Batter. OMG! OMG!! Although every flavor is delicious from the Vanilla Cookie Wafer to Coconut, Strawberry, Yuzu Tart, Madagascar Vanilla or Peanut Butter. You can request little sample cups from the cashier and taste to your hearts content. Although they will only give you one or two cups at a time.

Since it is self-serve you can make your own creation unabashedly. I did a base of the vanilla cookie wafer, cheesecake, strawberry and coconut. AH-MAZING!

The other great factor is the topping bar, everything you can think of to put on your frozen yogurt from fresh fruit to candy to crushed graham crackers, oh my.

All of this for .30 an oz. Kid you not! Only .30/oz. This treat is healthier than coffee, I'm sure, and cheaper. I smell a new addiction for me. I have been twice already this week.

So far I have been to the one in Irvine at The Marketplace and the one in Tustin near State College. The one in Irvine is my favorite. Find your nearest location and go!

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Jeannine said...

I love froyo! We have a great place here in VA Beach called Yo Mama's. They specialize in tart yogurt, which I love. I wish we had a Pinkberry here ...

Enjoy! :)