Wednesday, May 12, 2010

(Non) Baseball Game at Angel Stadium - Cheap Entertainment

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Some friends of mine from Ohio were in CA this week. They were staying in San Diego but came up to the OC for a night.

One of them is a HUGE baseball fan. Since they're from Ohio her team is the Indians, as losery as they may be this year. So to please her we went to an Angel's game.

Not wanting to shell out serious cash we opted for the cheap $12 seats. I have never been in those seats before. I now know why they are called nose-bleeds. Those stairs are steep! My friend's daughter is a dancer, in really good shape and we were all lacking oxygen by the time we got up there. Yikes.

We all sat down caught our breath and decided that we could wait til the end to go to the bathroom.

Bad thing about those seats, vendors don't go up that high. We only saw one, the lone hot dog vendor willing to climb up there. So sad. Since the daughter is the young one we made her go get snacks. LOL. The food at Angel stadium is really pretty good - Carls Jr, Panda Express, CPK in addition to your usual baseball fare.

We were so busy yakking and catching up we really didn't watch any baseball. I guess that's what ya get when three girls go to a game. Didn't really matter, it was a blow out against the Angels, they lost like 6-0. Or at least that was the score when we left in the 7th inning.

I like baseball for the socializing, always fun to go with friends. Lots of great memories there. My favorite are give-away nites and when they show fireworks. That night we got a tin-cap Angel's hat, courtesy of Claim Jumper. That was worth the $12 and they threw in a little baseball too, nice.

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