Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Empanada Man

I love Argentine food. It is AMAZING. My most favorite is the chimichurri sauce - a delicate blend of herbs, spices and oil that makes any steak, empanada or piece of bread come alive. It is a veritable carnival of flavor in your mouth. I kid you not.

I was thrilled when a co-worker introduced me to Empanada Man. Only a mile or so from work in Lake Forest. It is a whole restaurant dedicated to the making of hand-made flaky pouches of deliciousness filled with all sorts of treats like spinach and cheese, shredded steak, chile verde pork or ricotta and mushroom. Soo tasty.

I don't however recommend you try to reheat these babies, no so good. They are best fresh and hot the first time around.

Empanada man also serves pizza, salads, sandwiches but I've never ventured beyond the empanada.

Empanada Man - 20761 Lake Forest Drive, Lake Forest, CA. (949) 855-9257. Visit their web site: for a full menu and coupons.

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