Sunday, August 5, 2007

Prepping for a Parental Visit to So Cal

My parents will be visiting at the end of August and I'm trying to put together their itinerary.

A visit from the parentals is quite different than prepping for a visit from the nephews. But I do have to blend two very different approaches to vacations. My mom just wants to hang out and live life like I do. So she's ok with a light schedule. My dad on the other hand can't sit still. He likes to contantly be on the go. He wants a full schedule and to see everything.

Ooh and the other great part of all of this is that if I ask them what they want to do - they have no opinion. Yep all I get by way of help is, "whatever you want to do honey." So that means no help whatsoever. So I'll be stabbing in the dark trying to figure out what they want. Aahh yes, my childhood revisited.

I love my parents don't get me wrong we have a great time, but its just a tad stressful.

We've been to: Disneyland, Queen Mary, LA Conservancy Walking Tour, San Juan Capistrano Mission, Magic Mountain, Santa Monica (3rd Street, Pier), Old Town Pasadena,

So this time I think I'll take them to: Huntington Gardens, Old Town San Diego, La Jolla, Buena Adventura Mission, and maybe we'll go to Santa Barbara or Palm Springs.

We'll see.


TyL said...

I was hoping to see the parental visit to the church of tounges in Van Nuys + good food or a good brunch. Is that still on the possiblity list?

Co-Trailer-Office Mate

Marti said...

All is still a possibility at this point :)

Porthos said...

I don't know if this would work for you dad, but Laura's dad can also be a bit restless, so we give him errands to run to places he likes to go. Ya know, run to the hardware store or Home Depot or Circuit City or whatever. Or we'll have some project around the house that he can do (he's handy) like fix a light switch or repair some molding or whatever. Keeps him happy.

Marti said...

Ooh now that's a good idea Doug. I have LOTS of little projects for my dad to do all involving Home Depot or Best Buy (his two favorite stores). Great idea!