Saturday, September 11, 2004

L.A. Fair

Laticia and I braved the heat today to visit the L.A. County Fair. It was at least 300 degrees out there. We were literally melting. But it was so much fun.

I have such great memories of the fair. In Ohio we got days off school to attend. I had friends in 4-H and it was a big deal when someone got a ribbon. It was a little odd to see award-winning cakes in Los Angeles. The two things just don't seem to go together. In LA you're judged by your car, breast size and title not the quality of your jam, pig or ability to quilt. County fairs seem so middle America. It also reminds me of the 1950s when a woman's worth was determined by her baking, sewing and growing abilities.

However, I have to say my favorite thing were the rides. My mom never let us ride carnival rides. She said they were assembled and disassembled too much to be safe. But today I broke all the rules. Laticia and I went old school and rode the scrambler, gravitron and ferris wheel. It was great. You know you love the scrambler.

To beat the heat we wandered around the air-conditioned buildings that have all the great demonstrations, fudge and gadgets. Where else can you see ginsu knives, get your tennis shoes clean with a miracle cleaner that also gets rid of rust spots on your tub, AND register to vote. I'm telling you its a cornucopia of delights, a treat around every corner. We got sucked into everything. I was tempted to buy the miracle mop, but I refrained.

I haven't even gotten to the food yet. Fair food rocks. I love fries with vinegar and BBQ pork. Those are my favorites. There is so much to choose from - pretzels, cotton candy, hot dogs, burritos ... tasty. It was too hot to eat though. So instead we paid a ton for water. That is at least very LA.

My love affair with the fair continues. I might have to go back again.

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