Sunday, December 24, 2006

SeaWorld San Diego

My week with my brother's fam ended with a bang or should I say drop.

We went to San Diego on Saturday for our first sunny day. We basked in the warmth, shows, and a relative lack of people. The park was pretty empty, which was fine with us.

Our first show of the day was the dolphins. We were careful to sit out of the soak zone, figuring since it isn't the splash or sprinkle zone they must be serious. As we were leaving however, we noticed that we had instead been sitting in the poop zone. A seagull, we didn't know was part of the show, dropped a present in my hair and on Rocio's shirt.

Rocio had to wash part of my hair in the bathroom. Mike had to run and buy her a new shirt. At that point there is nothing you can do but laugh.

From there we saw the sharks, the reef, the manatees and the aquarium. We were disappointed the penguins and several other exhibits were closed. I think SeaWorld is best visited in the summer when its warmer. I've heard there are more shows and more things are open.

Regardless, the boys had a blast. Our final show of the day was a special 12 Days of Christmas with the Sea Lions. By this point we were freezing and $10 hot chocolate seemed like a bit much.

Seaword was a good way to end the trip. We then headed back to Ohio, for Christmas with my parents, on a redeye. I'm so glad they came. It was a fantastic week.

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