Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bye Bye Disneyland

The City Pass was so worth it. Three days at Disneyland and California Adventure was perfect. We got to see and do everything there that we wanted to. It was a great pace and thanks to the rain the first day we rode every ride in record time.

I love Disneyland at Christmas the park looks so amazing.

Today was our last day. I think Mikey was right, we killed it. We got to see everything we wanted to in both parks. Well how many things are worth seeing California Adventure, only two - Soarin' over California and Tower of Terror.

I made the mistake of riding the Ferris Wheel with Mike and Mikey. Have I mentioned lately I'm terrified of heights. I thought I conquered most of it when I went hot air ballooning and didn't die or hyperventilate. Well one of the distinctions about this particular ferris wheels is that some of the baskets on it swing and slide along the spoke. Oh yea! Guess which one we were in? You got it, the swinging ones.

I was not a good example for Mikey. The panic started to overtake me when we started to swing. I gripped my seat, closed my eyes and started praying for mercy on my soul. It was not a pretty site. My brother was laughing hysterically and lamenting that the didn't bring the camera. Mikey soon forgot his fear because he was laughing so hard at me. I'm glad my pain, fear and trauma brought much joy to them.

I loved seeing Jordy with the characters. He had so much love for them and wanted to hug every one, then take his picture. At one point he saw Chip and Dale and got to do his hug and pic routine. When we walked away he said, "Aunt Marti, those aren't the real Chip and Dale" Curious about why he thought that he continued, "Those are just people in a suit." At little of the magic is beginning to die, either that or he felt a kneecap or something when he hugged them, who knows.

My two favorite moments with Mikey were when we walked through Tomorrowland and he said, "I didn't know you could use technology to do this" Then as we were standing in line for Space Mountain he said, "I can feel the sonic energy in my ears." That's hilarious. He went on to contribute his supersonicness to all of the tv he watches.

We had a fantastic time. Overall the boys favorite land was Toon Town. They loved all of the gags.Their least favorite rides were It's a Small World and Snow White. When we exited both their exact words were, "that was dumb." The highlights of their favorite rides, because its pretty much all the rest, were Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Pirates of the Carribean, Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, and Astro Blasters.

Tomorrow we're off to Universal Studios or just "The Studios" as Jordy calls it.

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