Friday, December 8, 2006

Breakfast at Las Brisas

We had our department's Christmas celebration today. Our boss took us to brunch at Las Brisas in Laguna Beach.

Las Brisas is a gorgeous restaurant set on the cliff right above the Pacific Ocean. One entire side of the restaurant is filled with windows over looking the ocean.

It is one of my favorite places for brunch. Served Monday - Saturday it is only $12.50, a real bargin in Laguna Beach. Brunch at Las Brisas features freshly baked croissants and muffins; omelettes and Belgian waffles prepared fresh to order; sausage, bacon, crepes, eggs Benedict, and potatoes. There is also a selection of cereals, melons, yogurt and cottage cheese. Breakfast includes choice of coffee, tea or milk.

We really suffer working only 20 minutes from the beach. It was a balmy 75 degrees and sunny, a gorgeous day to be down by the water. We didn't want to go back to work.

I am grateful today for the beach and the warm December weather. It is amazing to live in this climate. Not to rub it in with those in freezing cold, believe me we pay for it.

Las Brisas, 361 Cliff Drive, Laguna Beach, CA.

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