Tuesday, June 12, 2007

John Mayer Rocks, Literally

This photo belongs to Irishbrat_77

There is simply nothing better than a starless night in the Hollywood Hills listening to a fantastic musician like John Mayer. He is amazing!!

This is the second time I've seen him in concert and he never disappoints. Unfortunately his set went way too quickly. The really unfortunate thing is that the Rocco De Luca and Ben Folds sets didn't go faster. There were not that great in person. I liked it better in 2004 when Maroon 5 opened for him, that was a concert.

The show started at 6:35 p.m. and the opening acts dragged on forever. John Mayer didn't appear until 8:50ish and he was done by 10 p.m. It seemed like he was on stage for about five minutes.
He opened with Why, Georgia Why, a JM classic. Songes from the new included: I Don't Trust Myself, Gravity, Vultures, Belief, and Dreaming with a Broken Heart. He also played a lot of tried and true favorites like Real World, Bigger Than My Body, Neon, Good Love Is on the Way and The Wheel.
He of course came out for an encore of three songs including Your Body is a Wonderland, which he called his baby. He closed with Waiting on the World to Change.

Overall a very mellow, relaxing set. You don't see John Mayer expecting drama, fireworks or even a lot of banter. It's about the music most specifically his guitar. With my trusty binoculars I could see off to stage left that there were about 30 guitars ready for use. I think he changed for every song and one included the first guitar he bought with his own money. He's an excellent musician.
The night was great! It's always so much fun to people watch in LA. I forget what a plastic bubble we live in down here in So. OC. There are some real characters in LA. It was nice to visit and nice to come home.

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