Saturday, June 2, 2007

Art and Ice Cream in San Diego

I just went to San Diego to visit my friend Nicole. We surveyed our plethora of options and decided on the following:

1. Lunch at KC BBQ the bar used in Top Gun. It is a really small bar with bras, stickers and hats on the ceiling. Quite the interesting decor. The BBQ was tasty. Lots of tourists taking pictures with the official Top Gun Piano.

2. Ice Cream at the Hotel Del Coronado while searching for wedding locales. The hotel del, rumored to be haunted is beautiful. It always reminds me of that hotel from Somewhere in Time. I hadn't been in a few years and forget how it is in the middle of a busy little part of town. Very picturesque, full of fun shops and restaurants. The hotel itself is worth a spin.

3. Look at some Art around Adams - Nicole found this festival of sorts in the Normal Heights Neighborhood that features local artists displaying their work in local businesses. It is a win-win for both parties. The businesses offer wine, cheese, desserts and other snacks to entice you in. There was even a trolley that runs up and down the street to help you see everything. It is an interesting idea, but we found it a bit odd. A store selling mattresses doesn't seem like a good venure for pop art. It felt weird to wander into stores I'm not interested in to see art. It wasn't a cute little area but instead a functional one full of dry cleaners, laudromats, etc. Very bizarre. We didn't say very long.

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