Monday, October 15, 2007

Girls Weekend in Laguna Beach

My friend Nicole is getting married and to celebrate her pending nuptuals, six of her favorite people all headed to the beach.

The first stop was to Burke Williams in Mission Viejo. They got massages, spent time in the jacuzzi, relaxed in the quiet room and drank the very delicious orange water. I hear they even got reprimanded for being too loud. It's not possible for that many girls to be together and be quiet. I don't know what they were thinking.

Then it was off to the beach house, that a friend let us borrow. The front door opened right up to the sand. It was amazing! We had appetizers, opened presents and starting yakking.

Then around 9 p.m. we went into Laguna Beach to have dinner at K'ya. Located in the Casa del Camino hotel the restaurant has an amazing variety of "small plates" to sample from. I had the hearts of romaine salad and thai chicken wings. Other options included braised short ribs, ahi poke, chicken empanadas, and potstickers. So many great things to try. The service was great and we had a blast. Each small plate ranged in price from $4 - 14. There are also regular entrees and salads.

The next day we had a fabulous brunch overlooking the ocean. We lounged for the rest of the day, just listening to the ocean and enjoying the time to spend together. All in all very relaxing and wonderful.

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