Monday, November 26, 2007

Enchanted at El Capitan

After a late lunch at the French Crepe Company Janine, Colleen, Fernanda, Daniella and I acknowledged our inner princesses and went to LA to see Disney's newest fairy tale, Enchanted, at the El Capitan Theatre.

We sprung for the VIP admissions ($32.50) which included a reserved seat, popcorn, a drink and entrance to the special Enchanted Experience. It also saved us about an hour and a half in line.

The El Capitan Theatre is amazing. It originally opened in 1926 and was "Hollywood's First Home of Spoken Drama." Disney has restored it beautifully with all of the lavish decor and colors. I recommended getting to your seat early so you can listen to Rob Richards play all of your favorite Disney tunes on the theatre's pipe organ.

The movie was great, very romantic and pays homage to all other Disney stories. Afterwards we were treated to the Enchanted Experience. You walk into a recreated ballroom where Aurora, Belle and Cinderella are dancing on stage. Prince Charming is welcoming you into the fantasy and urges you to explore the entire area where all the Disney princesses are there waiting for you. It was like we were 6 years old again.

Inside a massive tent we got our pictures taken with Snow White, Jasmine, Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora and the newest Princess, Giselle. We got to see costumes and props from the movie and insert ourselves into "Enchanted" scenes with the help of a green screen.

Also included was a make-up station to make sure you look your royal best. A dress-up station where the littlest of princesses can try on their gowns and tiaras. An arcade and game station set up to resemble NY where the movie is filmed. Of course there was also a store to buy all of the latest movie paraphenalia, even your own take-home McDreamy doll.

We had the best time. I highly recommend going as a VIP.

Enchanted will be playing at the El Capitan through December 6.

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scribe_girl said...

Actually, "Enchanted" has been extended through January 13 at the El Capitan.