Monday, November 19, 2007

Homemade Tortillas in the OC

Making homemade tortillas is just a giant pain. My grandmother tried to teach me over and over again as a kid. I could never keep track of what she put in them, just a pinch of this, a splash of that and who knows what else. There was no recipe and no measuring. It was by feel and sight only. I didn't really care because I was only interested in eating them. In the end she'd get frustrated and just shoo me out of the kitchen.

Now that she's gone and I have a touch more patience I wish I had paid attention. Instead, I relish restaurants and stores that offer a taste of the homemade without all of the work.

Here are a list of places I have found in the OC that offer handmade tortillas.

1. El Torito Grill - we usually go to the one by the Orange County airport. As soon as you walk in you'll see all of the little ladies patting their dough balls getting ready to roll these out. These flour tortillas are to die for. They are served with butter and salsa. I also recommend the guacamole, which they make right in front of your eyes - all ingredients are ultra fresh. The rest of the food is a california-flavor fusion but the tortillas make it worth a visit. Located in Southern California and Indiana.

2. Miguel's - Their fajitas are amazing and what better way to top them off than with the delicious handmade flour tortillas. Miguel's has a diverse menu and is a nice treat. Located in Foothill Ranch and Corona.

3. Acapulcos - A step above tex-mex in terms of authenticity but dinner and Sunday brunch is worth it because of the homemade tortillas. So tasty. Located in California and Oregon.

Let me know if you find other restaurants that serve tasty, home-made tortillas.


Porthos said...

I don't know if you guys have any Chevy's out there, but they have this cool tortilla cooking machine that you can watch. And they have great chips. And they make the guac right at your table. Mmm...

Marti said...

We do have a few Chevy's around in the area. The food at Chevy's is BAD! I mean really bad. It's like ordering mexican food in Ohio. Not good. really not good.

Porthos said...

Wow. Ours over here is perfectly fine. Not El Torrito Grill quality for sure, but not BAD. Bummer.