Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Switchfoot in Concert at the Bren Center

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A night of rock-n-roll, screaming, and dancing at the Bren Center with Switchfoot, Relient K and Ruth, all benefitting Habitat for Humanity. What could be more fun or charitable that?

Lisa, Janine, Carole, Colleen and I trekked over to UCI for an evening to cut loose, scream and dance to one of our favorite bands. They did not disappoint. From the opening with Oh Gravity! to the closing Meant to Live the crowd was jumping, singing and cheering them on.

They perfomed Awakening, Dirty Second Hands, and My American Dream from the new album. Other fan favorites included Stars, On Fire, We are One Tonight, Gone, and This is Your Life.

Switchfoot is really all about the fans. Lead singer, Jon Foreman spent a lot of time out in the audience and even showed up at one point on the side, in the crowd so that they could sing with him.

Switchfoot is even encouraging bootleg versions of the concert songs so they can distribute them on CD to that nights attendees. They want to keep the concert magic going long after the finale. You can also visit their web site and request bootlegged version of concerts from other concert goers. How awesome is that!

I had no idea who Relient K or Ruth was but they were a good fit with Switchfoot. I learned Relient K is from Canton, OH, the town were my parents live. Cool.

Another interesting component of this concert was the age range of people there. It was literally from 10 to 50. There were moms and probably grandmas rocking out next to their kids and some came on their own. It was interesting to think that some of the kids in there weren't born until the 90s. Yikes, at 32 I'm old enough to be someone's mother. And it this point it wasn't even as a teenager but I would have been in my 20s. Yikes.

Still a great night. Lots of fun. Switchfoot and Co continue to roll through the West Coast through the beginning of Dec.


Porthos said...

I just downloaded the first of four EPs Jon Foreman is releasing over the next year. REALLY good. First is "Fall". It's on iTunes.

Marti said...

Yea I read about that on their web site. I wish I'd known I could purchase the concert versions of songs at the event. I didn't even see the CDs there.

I will have to check it out.