Monday, January 14, 2008

Bahia Resort Hotel

Imagine the finest hotel that San Diego had to offer, in 1960.

That would be the Bahia Resort Hotel and where we stayed to celebrate Nicole's elopement and Janine's birthday. Located on Mission Bay you can tell that this hotel used to be state of the art. It has the Dirty Dancing, all inclusive resort, feel. It was Miss Havisham's house, dressed for a party, one that was completely outdated.

Ok, you get the jist.

The hotel is painted a lovely shade of pinkish orange. The stairs and landings and patios are covered in green astro turf. Walking in we saw an exposed cement brick wall, art from the 70s, couches from the 50s and a very dated kitchen. It was retro unchic. LOL.

However we had a fantastic bay view, thanks to our birthday girl Janine. She's a beautiful diva who is unafraid to ask for what she wants. And we got it. All her efforts got us this upgraded suite. Oh yes, this was the suite. Sexy!

Who cares about accomodations when you're with two great friends, celebrating two great events in a great city like San Diego. We had a blast. I think going in the summer vs January the place might be really fun. They even have activities for families, can't beat that.

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