Thursday, January 3, 2008

Olvera Street

Want to visit Mexico without leaving LA? Go to the birthplace of Los Angeles, Olvera Street. Home to 27 historic buildings, countless stands selling Mexican souvenirs and many different restaurants serving taquitos and full traditional entrees. It is a fun place to wander around tasting churros, fresh fruit and tacos.

A great time to visit is during Cinco de Mayo festivals (May), Mexico's Independence Day (Sept) or Dia de Los Muertos (Nov) and Christmas (Dec). The public square is full of additional vendors, sponsors, decorations, and musicians. It is colorful, delicious and a taste of one of the predominant cultures in Los Angeles.

We wandered down to Olvera on a whim. What a treat! We felt like we were in Mexico. I can't wait to go back for one of the festivals.
Olvera Street El Pueblo De Los Angeles Historic Park, 845 N. Alameda Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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