Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beautiful Day in Laguna nearly ruined by yahoos.

This was my view for most of the four hours I spent chillin' at the beach on Saturday. It was sunny, warm, peaceful, serene and ideal. I got to watch a toddler play in the sand with his father and grandfather. I saw high school boys, clearly not from CA, try and body surf and only hurt themselves in the process. I saw lovers stroll hand in hand down the beach. At one point we even saw dolphins follicking in the water. It was practically a spiritual moment.

Yes! It was awesome and picture perfect UNTIL two yahoos came and stood right in front of us. WHAT? The beach was nearly empty and these middle-aged men came and stood right in front of us blocking our entire view of everything including the ocean. I mean they were about 10 feet in front of us, that close. Isn't there a rule that if the place is empty you don't go sit or be by the only other person in the area? Isn't that a rule of thumb for being polite in public. It's an American custom. I'm pretty sure.

So WHY? I even asked them why, but they wouldn't turn around and wouldn't answer my question. If you have the entire beach to choose from, go stand elsewhere. Then they were talking so loud we could hear every word they said. Their conversation was inane and ridiculous. It wasn't like they were discussing life and death. The balding guy was upset that his girlfriend killed his buzz when they were bar-hopping by taking too long to decide where they were going next and when she finally decided the next place was too far. Then she had the audacity to keep talking and nearly ruin his night. So apparently that's why he had to ruin my view.

The ocean spoke back. The tide was coming back in and came right up to where they were. They shrieked like little girls and went running because heaven forbid you get wet at the beach. Seriously.

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