Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Too Old Chapman Coffee House?

My coffee and free wifi search of the day takes me to Chapman Coffee House, which is practically on the Chapman University campus, on the corner of Glassell and Walnut. It is also in walking distance of the Orange Circle.

Parking, as is the case in downtown Orange, is a bit hairy. There is 20 minute parking behind the coffee house, but if you plan to do more than take your coffee to go you must fair with street parking. Be careful of the green curbs, which means only 1 hour parking. Usually you can find an empty spot on one of the side streets for longer stays.

With its proximity to the university expect lots of students, seems silly to say, but just be warned. This place is full. There was only one empty table in the place when I arrived at 2 p.m. and this table was no where near an outlet. Instead I opted for the very cute "outdoor living room." While it has no outlet, the wifi is still free, you can enjoy the outdoors, watch people pass by and soak up some sun. It is a perfect place to sit and relax and sip your coffee.

Ah yes, the coffee. They offer the usual coffee house variety but seem to have a special affinity for chai. They have it in every variety - milk shakes, soy, lemonade, strawberryade, etc. This was like Bubba's list of shrimp, but with chai. Insane. I did not try any of those, I went for the iced coffee, which is brewed for 24 hours in cold and purified water. ($2.72 for the large) All I can say is wow, rich. They also offer quite the selection of pastries, even one called the "Strawberry Pastry to die for." Wow. Impressive.

It is interesting to listen to the students talk around me. Some are studying for tests, others are frantically trying to find an internship, others desperate for a date. Aahh your early 20s, all the angst and ridiculousness, when you think you know everything and act accordingly. It was fun to sip my coffee and listen to them wax on about life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Everything at Chapman Coffee House nice enough, but it doesn't feel like a place I will frequent very often to work. No real reason. Employees nice enough. Coffee decent. Maybe I'm just too old. But it doesn't fit my personality, somehow. Now, I would be back with a friend to share a pastry worth dying for.

Chapman Coffee House

505 N Glassell St. Orange, CA 92867

Open Daily 7am to 10pm

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