Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happily Unfound at The Lost Bean

Since I am unemployed, I am perpetually on the look out for cool coffee shops with free wifi. If coffee or drink refills are free then so much the better.

I did a cursory search on Yelp and found several that I will be frequenting soon! The stop today is The Lost Bean. Located in a very cute plaza on Newport Blvd in Tustin. Beware that all parking spots in front of the cafe are 1 hour or less, some even just 10 minutes. Be sure to park in the back if you plan on partaking of the free wife.

Inside the cafe has a stamped, gray cement floor with warm, dark wood tables, chairs and bar. A bright predominantly yellow wall with the recessed lighting and dim over-table lighting is just right for reading, computer work and conversation. I arrived at 3 p.m. and it was about half full. The wifi is only free with a purchase. It is a secure network, so be sure to ask your barista for the code when you try one of the sandwiches, desserts or drinks.

I tried one of the ice teas on brew for the day, an organic black Hawaiian. It is was great. A black tea with subtle tropical flavors, mainly pineapple. A refreshing blend. I also treated myself to an amazing chocolate croissant. Oh my! The kind barista offered to heat it for me and all of the chocolate melted into the croissant. Heaven. So good. I have to say that the employees are super friendly and conversational unlike Panera or other shops where they just take your order and say next. I get the feeling that if you came here often they would remember what you like.

Other than the really loud conversations happening around me, I am pleased with my trip to The Lost Bean. Granted, it is loud in most coffee shops, but at some the noise all blends together to be a general clatter, here it's a smaller local and individual conversations assault your consciousness.

Regardless, I will be back and will recommend it to others. Also for sale are works from local artists, organic tea offerings and other coffee and tea accouterments.

The Lost Bean
13011 Newport Blvd, Tustin, CA

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