Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gelato Paradiso - Taste of Italian Heaven in Laguna

Gelato Paradiso
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A trip to Laguna Beach is not complete until you traverse down the quaint alleyway to Gelato Paradiso.

That's right, there is an actual white-light strewn alley leading you to this sweet lovers paradise. Be transported to another place.

Coming in from the main sidewalk you pass a restaurant and chocolate shop to get to the sweet aroma of freshly-made waffles wafting from the small shop. But don't stop press on towards the gelato, it is worth it.

Made in a time-honored Sicilian way that maximizes flavor, with half the fat and calories of regular ice cream, their web site says! Can it be true? Perhaps, it's from the imported Italian ingredients, they lose calories on the flight over.

That's right, this italian ice-cream chain says that they actually import some of their ingredients straight from Italy to make sure it is done the same way it has been done for centuries. Does it make a difference? I have no idea but it's delicious and the line of people waiting for their tasty treat must agree. Their flavor list is relatively small but you're sure to find something to please you with flavors ranging from chocolate hazelnut, cookies & cream, espresso, dulce de leche, tiramisu to the sorbetos like limone, mango and strawberry.

Now this decadence comes at a price, the medium size (two scoops) will run you about $5. Not as cheap as frozen yogurt but a taste sensation definitely worth the trip. I had lemon sorbeto and italian cream gelato. The sweet and sour were a perfect pair in my mouth. My friend Gina got pistachio and chocolate almond. She was in gelato heaven.

So go tempt your taste buds at Gelato Paradiso.

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Anna said...

Delicious yes - but compare this gelato to the handmade-every-day-using the real-fruit/vanilla/etc. flavors at Tutto Amore Gelato at 247 Broadway, near Main Beach. Made by real Italians!

Also - here's a hot tip for Laguna bargain-seekers:
Now through June 30, 2011, The Tides Laguna Beach offers guests a birthday treat. The last two digits of your birth year is your rate on your birthday. A two-night minimum stay is required; standard rates apply on additional room nights; you must be at least 18 and present ID.